Eclectic Art Performance Pop

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Marena Whitcher Composition, vocals, guitar, piano, percussion
Andrina Bollinger Composition, vocals, guitar, piano, percussion

Selection past concerts / References

Aug 18 2018 Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Zürich, CH
Aug 16 2018 Artlake Festival, Lichterfeld, DE
Aug 10 2018 Lethargy Festival Zürich - Support for Fink, CH 
Apr 04 2018 Opening Show «Zürich Tanzt», Zürich, CH
Feb 24 2018 Brechtfestival, Augsburg, DE
Jun 02 2017 Elbjazz, Hamburg, DE
Apr 29 2017 Jazzahead, Bremen, DE
May 12 2016 Moods, Zurich, CH
Dec 13 2015 Bee-Flat im PROGR, Bern, CH
Aug 06 - 08 2015 Buskers Festival, Bern, CH
Jul 15 - Aug 08 2015 MuzEnergo Russia Tour, RU
Jun 19 2015 Casinotheatre Winterthur, CH
Apr 09 2015 ktv Börse Thun, CH
Feb 13 2014 Jazzwerkstatt Festival at Bee-Flat im Progr, Bern CH

Press text

Experimental, dynamic and unabashed: the signature ECLECTA sound. Andrina Bollinger’s and Marena Whitcher’s voices, sometimes pure, sometimes raw, trade and blend with each other in kaleidoscopic display of timbres and emotions. With their barrage of all kinds of acoustic and electric instruments and choreographed demonstrations of youthful impiety, the two contrasting personalities consciously defy all genres. For them, jazz, pop, and rock are like slides, swings, and see-saws. Dreamy but also impetuous, their command and authenticity gives them license to be both tender and reckless. To indulge and revel with them is like a visit to an amusement park that refreshes the soul with mirror mazes, shooting galleries and ferris wheels. All of these ear-blowing moments are available on their debut album A SYMMETRY (2016, TOURBOmusic). To tease us into buying the album, these singer/magicians have also released a mini-documentary full of colorful symmetric and a-symmetric invention.

Selection Press Reviews

"The Swiss discovery of the year"
Stefan Künzli, Aargauer Zeitung, May 15 2016

"You can hear the fun they’re having, with every single syllable. In a theatrical manner they bend and slam their texts, the harmonies are colorful, the moods vary from abandon to blistering desire."
Helmut Dworschak, Der Landbote, May 11, 2016

"An exception are also the two golden girls - Eclecta - from Zurich. With onomatopoetic ghost stories, golden and pink leggings, and quirky jazz-pop, they garnished as many disapproving as admiring glances."
Berner Zeitung, August 2015