Franka Town Ponypunk

Puppet Punk, Pop



Benjamin Hartwig Electric bass, vocals, composition
Jane Mumford Vocals, percussion
Marena Whitcher Vocals, percussion

Press Text

Born in lovely California, Benj Hartwig grew up in Switzerland’s heartland and iconic mountains. His soul-searching Odysee ended in Zürich and resulted in partial discovery of himself. In his band "Franka Town Ponypunk" starring Marena Whitcher and Jane Mumford, he realizes his vision of a comprehensive application of the electric bass, as well as the reduction of a song to its essentials, decorated with three-part-harmony vocals and a primal, outspoken percussion. Franka Town.

Past concerts / References

May 28 2014 Moods Zurich
June 6 2014  Papiersaal Zurich
Aug 13 2014 Bar3000 Zurich