Janetts Jazzmusik-Baukasten


Oder album Bastelfieber (2014, Narrenschiff)


Niculin Janett Saxophones
Marena Whitcher Vocals
Lukas Wyss Trombone
Marvin Trummer Piano
Lisa Hoppe Double-bass
Nicolas Stocker Drums 

Press text

Janetts Jazzmusik-Baukasten is in the grips of a building-boom. The six (sometimes even seven ) Craft Masters indulge in a collective tone-pasting and let their pallette of sounds merge into a shimmering work of art, without leaving any visible welding beads or drilling holes. Rumantsch songs unravel into excessive improvisational excursions, sweeping melodies weave themselves into intricate harmonies. Screws are loose, and yet sit firmly in place - a creative construction , lovingly crafted by Janetts Jazzmusik-Baukasten!

Selection past concerts / References

Apr 14 2016 Bird's Eye, Basel
Feb 06 2013 Klibühni, Chur
Dez 16 2011 Jazzkantine, Luzern